La Bella Oud String

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The oud is the classical short- necked, bowl-backed fretless
lute of the Arabic world. With 11 or 12 strings in 5 or
6 courses, the Arabic tuning has an optional
high course [f'f']cc/gg/DD/AA/EE

Clear Nylon & Silver Plated Wound
Designed for Arabic tuning
12-String SetString Gauges:

Clear Nylon .022P - 022P - f'f'
Clear Nylon .027P - .027P - cc
Clear Nylon .031P - .031P - gg
Silver- Plated Wound on Nylon .023W - .023W - DD
Silver- Plated Wound on Nylon .029W - .029W - AA
Silver- Plated Wound on Nylon .033W - .033W - EE

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