Shadow SH Saz Quinto

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Shadow SH Saz Quinto
Preamp with 5-band EQ and Nanoflex Pickup            

With the 5-band equalizer-controls (volume, bass,
lo-mid, hi-mid, treble & brilliance) you will be
able to adjust your personal, acoustic sound easily.

Phase switch inverts the signal and cancels the overall feedback.

SH Saz Quinto comes with a Nanoflex pickup and a
high quality endpin connection. The 9V battery is
under the preamp and is easily accessible.
The LED will turn on when the battery power
is low and battery should be replaced within
30 minutes. Fastening screws are fixed into
the plastic plugs – and not into the wood of the instrument.

volume, bass, lo-mid, hi-mid, treble & brilliance controls
phase invert switch
incl. Nanoflex pickup for saz
incl. endpin output connector
cutout dimensions: 70,5mm x 48mm (2.8“ x 1.9“)
outer bezel dimensions: 88mm x 57,5mm (3.5“ x 2.3“)
measurements pickup (l x w x h): 41mm x 2mm x 1mm
straight coverage

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